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The Alliance for Supplier Diversity Professionals (ASDP), established in 2003, is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing professionals in the supply chain within the US federal prime contracting field. Our core mission is to provide education and foster professional development within the supplier diversity and small business liaison community. ASDP stands out as the sole provider of a comprehensive training and certification program tailored for both current and aspiring Supplier Diversity Professionals.

Comprising a team of seasoned Supplier Diversity Professionals, ASDP operates on a voluntary basis, with our experts dedicating their time and expertise to support the education of this specialized community. At ASDP, our collective passion lies in the growth and development of both new and experienced Supplier Diversity Professionals.

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, continuously developing innovative training content that caters to the evolving needs of the community and adapts to the changing dynamics within the field. Learn more here to gain a deeper understanding of our background, mission, and the driving force behind our commitment to facilitating growth and education within the supplier diversity field.

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ASDP’s mission is to provide comprehensive supplier diversity training enriched by seasoned instructors, offering a highly recognized and employer-favored certification for Supplier Diversity Professionals. 

“A powerhouse training for Small Business Liaison Officers. Put on your thinking cap and join the group for energetic sessions and conversation.”

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ASDP presently provides an extensive training and certification program tailored for professionals in the supply chain field within the US federal prime contracting sector.

Our certification is designed for individuals at the beginner to intermediate levels but also serves as an excellent refresher for more experienced Supplier Diversity Professionals. Additionally, we are developing an advanced level certification for small business liaison officers , which will offer content catering to advanced proficiency.

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Certification as a Supplier Diversity Professional can provide you with the foundational knowledge and advanced skills required to support your organization’s U.S. Government Small Business Subcontracting Program or General Supplier Diversity Program. After completing our comprehensive certification program, you will be empowered to design, develop, and manage a best-in-class Supplier Diversity Program for your organization.  

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