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Build a Better & Diverse Supply Chain.

A diverse Supply Chain incorporates businesses owned by small and diverse individuals and works to ensure inclusion in procurements for government and private industry. A Supplier Diversity Program focuses on meeting government laws & regulations, promoting social responsibility, addressing clients’ expectations, and/or supporting an organization’s objectives.

Diversity in your organization’s Supply Chain improves the economy by creating jobs, increasing wages, and driving tax revenue. As small and diverse businesses grow, so does our nation’s economy. Research shows that when organizations increase their diverse spend, they see an increase in market share. Your organization’s supplier diversity program can promote innovation, provide multiple channels from which to procure, drive competition, demonstrate your commitment to diverse markets, and showcase your commitment to economic growth.

As a Supplier Diversity Professional, you have the unique opportunity to make a positive impact in your organization, your community, and on the economy.

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Several organizations host annual Supplier Diversity events to support education, best practices discussions, and networking within the field.

Our Course Offerings.

Supplier Diversity Training & Certification – $1,495.00

Path to Being a Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity 

Course Learning Objectives:

Define the role & responsibilities of the Supplier Diversity Professional

An introduction for new Supplier Diversity Professionals and for those in need of a refresher course. Content includes basic descriptions, definitions, and requirements encountered by Small Business Liaison Officers and other Supplier Diversity Professionals.

Understand the legislative history of Supplier Diversity

Covers the history of the laws that led to the formation of the Supplier Diversity profession.

Develop Supplier Diversity sourcing strategies

Describes the various sourcing strategies available to the Supplier Diversity Professional. This section will provide the student with a template for developing a business case for Supplier Diversity and will describe methods for including diverse suppliers in their procurement plans.

Participate in Mentor-Protege Programs

Describes the Mentor-Protégé Program within various government agencies and general mentoring programs. The student will have the tools to identify potential protégés, and develop and propose programs to different organizations. A “lessons learned” module will include information on how to avoid negative experiences with the Mentor-Protégé Program.

Develop Subcontracting & Participation Plans

Details the required elements of a subcontracting plan as dictated by various Government and commercial entities. Different types of subcontracting plans will be explained. Provides instruction and guidance for developing a participation and other types of plans.

Evaluate and report performance

Instruction on how to complete the U.S. Government and general supplier diversity reports, including Individual Subcontracting (ISR) and the Summary Subcontract Report (SSR). Typical reporting practices for commercial entities and how to track internal statistics will be described.

Prepare for customer reviews & audits

A description of the elements of a Supplier Diversity Program Review, including DCMA Small Business Subcontracting Program Reviews & Audits. Students will be provided with the tools to prepare their organization for various types of customer reviews.

Certification Exam


There is one certification exam at the end of three-day training event..  

ASDP Level 1 Training & Certification Cost: $1,495

Re-Certification Cost: $285

New Advanced SBLO Training & Certification Program   

In 2024, Small Business Liaison Officers (SBLOs) in the U.S. Government contracting arena have the exciting chance to embark on a groundbreaking professional development journey through ASDP’s latest offering: the Advanced SBLO certification program. This marks a significant milestone as it’s the first time in two decades that our organization is launching a new and advanced program. ASDP stands out as the sole entity providing both training and certification for supplier diversity professionals. Keep an eye out for registration details; the official launch is slated for August 2024. Get ready to elevate your SBLO expertise with ASDP!

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