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Murray Schooner Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Alliance of Supplier Diversity Professionals (ASDP) award is named after Murray Schooner, a former Supplier Diversity Manager at Unisys who, for over 30 years, promoted and lived by the ideals upon which this award is based. Upon retirement, Murray continued his body of work in the small business community by becoming an advocate for Veteran- and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small businesses. Murray passed away in 2010 after a courageous battle with cancer and is remembered fondly by all of us as a mentor and leader in the field of Supplier Diversity.

Nominations are accepted during the Winter-Spring seasons until May 15th annually.  ASDP announces and presents the award at a function during the National HUBZone Conference (generally in July or August).

Click  here to submit a nomination for the Murray Schooner Lifetime Achievement Award. Please articulate your rationale for the nominee’s selection; the nomminee must fill at least 5 (five) award criteria. The completed electronic form will be forwarded to ASDP’s President for board review and decision-making.  


  1. The nominee should have demonstrated a long-term commitment as a Supplier Diversity Professional (SDP) that has led to increased business opportunities for Small Businesses, Minority/Diverse-owned enterprises of all categories: Small, Small Disadvantaged, HUBZone certified, Woman-, Veteran- and Service-Disabled Veteran-, LGBTQ-, and Disabled-owned suppliers/subcontractors as well as Historically Black Colleges/Universities and Minority Serving Institutions.
  2. The nominee should have demonstrated an active role in local, state, federal government, or commercial sectors to actively promote small/diverse business opportunities. Examples include participating in and organizing conferences and outreach for the employer (program sponsor) and providing guidance, mentoring or counseling at these events.
  3. The nominee should have received recognition in their community as a Supplier Diversity leader and advocate
  4. The nominee should have been instrumental and recognized as a mentor, instructor or counselor to individuals entering or developing in the Supplier Diversity field by promoting education and training to enable these individuals to achieve career success and help employer-sponsors achieve positive program results.
  5. The nominee should have demonstrated a commitment to the ideals of honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct in all of their business dealings.
  6. The nominee should have served in a Supplier Diversity Professional or advisory position for 10+ years.
  7. The nominee should have presented as a panel or keynote speaker at Small/Minority business events/conferences; optionally, the nominee may have published Supplier Diversity-related articles in industry journals, magazines, or other publications.

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“I am so thankful my organization values our Small Business Diversity program and encouraged us to take this course! I could not have asked for a better learning experience! I have been a designated Small Business Liaison Officer for seven years now and there was a great mix of refresher material and new material that I don't deal with all of the time; plus, they highlighted new and upcoming changes! Best 2 1/2 days of training!!!”

“This is the most extensive, beneficial training I have attended to date as it pertains to my role as Small Business Liaison Officer. So glad I found ASDP!!”

“If you are a newly assigned Small Business Liaison Officer, or have been mandated to fulfill the Small Business Liaison Officer role, then this course is for you. The Alliance of Supplier Diversity Professionals offers the tools to increase your confidence in your new role. They also offer networking opportunities so that you can communicate with other people in your industry and never feel alone. Spread the word. ASDP’s guide to program excellence is a must for all Small Business Liaison Officers.”

“The overall training was excellent, including the energy level and knowledge of the instructors. I learned a lot from the training.”

“The ASDP training was intense and provided an in-depth explanation of rules and regulations that must be abided by. It gave us opportunities to network with other professionals, providing a strong connection to others in similar careers. I thoroughly enjoyed the class!”

“My 4th time re-certifying. I always learn something new. The trainers are great and the subjects pertinent and well presented. Great networking options, as well.”

“The classroom instruction fostered focus on the material and dialog with other students. In-depth discussions and problem solving while in a group setting was very stimulating. The instructors were seasoned practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The bonus was developing a larger peer group of small business advocates that understand the challenges and rewards of supplier diversity.”

Past Murray Schooner Lifetime Achievement Award Winners.

Ken HilderbrandLockheed Martin

Phyllis GrantLockheed Martin

Debbie MelvinThe Boeing Company

Gloria PualaniNorthrop Grumman

Marion NimonUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Janice BufflerOffice of the Secretary of Defense

Diane DempseyBAE Systems

Ludmilla Parnell –  GDIT

Pat McHugh – Lockheed Martin

Gwen Tillman – Northrop Grumman

Suzanne Raheb – Lockheed Martin

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