Q1. What are the benefits of training and certification?


1. A series of modules taught by experience practitioners that include best practices and tools addressing current requirements and challenges for supplier diversity professionals.
2. Professional networking to connect and exchange information with like-minded supplier diversity advocates.

Q2. Will I be certified as a Supplier Diversity Professional
upon completion of the training?

Certification is awarded based on passing the exam.

Q3. How can I obtain an ASDP Handbook?

: ASDP Handbooks are included in the registration and distributed at the training class.

Q4. What is the validity period for certification?

: ASDP Certification remains valid for a three year period from the date you pass the exam.

Q5. May I contact other Certified Supplier Diversity Professionals (CSDP)?

: Yes, a complete list of all CSDP's is available on the website. You must log in first in order to view the list.

Q6. What are the steps I need to take to register and pay for a training class? All of the steps listed below are found under "My Account"in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then select from the drop down list.
Answer:  The steps that must be followed are:
1. You must be a person already in our database. If you are not, you will need to create your credentials.
2. Once that is done, you can then register for the upcoming training class.
3. Once your receive confirmation that you are registered you have two options to pay for the class: a. Paypal or Credit Card, OR b. Print an invoice and then mail a check to the address on the invoice.
4. You will receive email confirmation for the completion of each of the steps listed above.

Any other questions? Please contact info@asdp.us.