Certification Program

ASDP Certification and Educational Program

ASDP offers a certification and educational program to recognize, evaluate, and train professionals who work to ensure their company or organization meets its Supplier Diversity goals. Supplier Diversity goals support business, while ensuring that all small business owners get a fair chance at competing for contract opportunities.

Increasing emphasis of supplier diversity requirements from government and commercial businesses commands the need for standardized practices, regulatory compliance, and accurate reporting. ASDP is the national resource for supplier diversity professionals seeking comprehensive professional development.

Prerequisites for certification are outlined below:

  1. Educational Experience : Minimum of B.S. or B.A. degree. A waiver of the Educational Experience requirement can be obtained by submitting an Educational Experience Waiver Form, if the applicant has worked in the Supplier Diversity field for a minimum of eight (8) years.
  2. Work Experience : Minimum of two (2) years of employment in the Supplier Diversity field or with responsibilities in Supplier Diversity. If a waiver was used to satisfy the Educational Experience requirement, an additional two years of Work Experience is required to satisfy the Work Experience requirement.
  3. Successful completion of certification exam (70% or better) .
ASDP certification is valid for three (3) years from the date of the exam, after which the certification must be renewed either by attending another class or doing the re-certification process. More information on the re-certification process can be found under the Certification Tab called "Certification Renewal Re-Certification".