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Holly Hutson

Holly Hutson

Trainer & Former ASDP President

Small Business Liaison Officer

Holly Hutson serves as the Small Business Liaison Officer for Aptim. She has seventeen years’ experience in Supplier Diversity and previously worked for WSP. In this role she is responsible for identifying bidders, expanding the pool of small business firms, developing and implementing internal initiatives that encourage employees to promote small businesses, developing small business subcontracting and participation plans, submitting reports to federal, state and commercial clients, ensuring that small business socioeconomic goals are met, supporting Mentor Protégé relationships, and leading SBA and DCMA Small Business Program Compliance Reviews.

She has been actively involved in the Alliance for Supplier Diversity Professionals (ASDP) since 2012, serving as Secretary, Vice President, President and currently as a Trainer. She is a three-time Dwight D. Eisenhower of Excellence Award winner, two-time recipient of the SAME Industry Small Business Advocate Award and Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year Award from SBA Georgia District. Additional accomplishments include receiving the Champion of Veterans Award four times, leading the team to achieve an Exceptional Rating from DCMA and an Outstanding Rating from SBA on Small Business Compliance Reviews.

Holly holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Tennessee Tech University and is a certified supplier diversity professional. She currently lives in Knoxville, TN.

Meet Our Team.

The ASDP team is passionate about Supplier Diversity and sharing knowledge and experience with other professionals

“A powerhouse training for Small Business Liaison Officers. Put on your thinking cap and join the group for energetic sessions and conversation.”

“This training is excellent for attendees of all levels. The instructors are excellent and committed to the small business cause, as are each of the attendees.”

“This class will give you the background and tools needed to build your Supplier Diversity Program within your organization. It is a must-have for new and experienced Small Business Liaison Officers to not only gain the information needed to succeed as a professional but to meet others and network along the way.”

“This was one of the best professional training programs I have taken. Thorough, engaging and relevant!”

“I am the VP of Supply Chain for a company that builds automation and tooling for aerospace. We recently went from being a small business to being classified as large overnight. In order to satisfy the flow down requirements of our customers, we needed to get training on how to properly establish this protocol within our organization. This class was very helpful in getting us on the way.”

“I am so thankful my organization values our Small Business Diversity program and encouraged us to take this course! I could not have asked for a better learning experience! I have been a designated Small Business Liaison Officer for seven years now and there was a great mix of refresher material and new material that I don't deal with all of the time; plus, they highlighted new and upcoming changes! Best 2 1/2 days of training!!!”

“This is the most extensive, beneficial training I have attended to date as it pertains to my role as Small Business Liaison Officer. So glad I found ASDP!!”

“If you are a newly assigned Small Business Liaison Officer, or have been mandated to fulfill the Small Business Liaison Officer role, then this course is for you. The Alliance of Supplier Diversity Professionals offers the tools to increase your confidence in your new role. They also offer networking opportunities so that you can communicate with other people in your industry and never feel alone. Spread the word. ASDP’s guide to program excellence is a must for all Small Business Liaison Officers.”

“The overall training was excellent, including the energy level and knowledge of the instructors. I learned a lot from the training.”

“The ASDP training was intense and provided an in-depth explanation of rules and regulations that must be abided by. It gave us opportunities to network with other professionals, providing a strong connection to others in similar careers. I thoroughly enjoyed the class!”

“My 4th time re-certifying. I always learn something new. The trainers are great and the subjects pertinent and well presented. Great networking options, as well.”

“The classroom instruction fostered focus on the material and dialog with other students. In-depth discussions and problem solving while in a group setting was very stimulating. The instructors were seasoned practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The bonus was developing a larger peer group of small business advocates that understand the challenges and rewards of supplier diversity.”

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