Training Course Description
Professional Education Course Description

Below are descriptions of the courses currently offered by ASDP. The general format for the courses will be as follows:
  1. Seminar schedule
  2. Review of desired learning objectives
  3. Course curriculum including exercises for comprehension
  4. Question and answer session
  5. Survey
Courses will be offered at various times and in different locations and can also be taught on location by request. Contact ASDP Chair of the Education Committee at or check ASDP website at

Supplier Diversity Body of Knowledge

Introduction to Supplier Diversity
This course is the introductory module for new Supplier Diversity Professionals and for those in need of a refresher course. This course is based in part on the DCAA-developed SBLO101. This course will cover basic descriptions, definitions, and requirements encountered by Small Business Liaison Officers and other Supplier Diversity Professionals. In addition, it will cover the history of the laws that led to the formation of the Supplier Diversity profession. 

Preparing Subcontracting Plans
This course has two parts. Part 1 details the required elements of a subcontracting plan as dictated by various Government and commercial entities. Different types of subcontracting plans will be explained. Second Tier subcontracting plans will be discussed. Part 2 provides instruction and guidance for developing a subcontracting plan.

Preparing for Customer Reviews
This course provides a description of the elements of a Supplier Diversity Program Review. Successful completion of this course will provide the student with the tools to prepare their corporation for a program review by their customer.

Mentor-Protégé Program
This course has two parts. Part 1 describes the Mentor-Protégé Program. Part 2 provides details of mentor-protégé programs within various government agencies. Upon completion of this course, the student will have the tools to identify potential protégés, and develop and propose programs to different organizations. A “lessons learned” module will include information on how to avoid negative experiences with the Mentor-Protégé Program. 

Customer Reporting
This course provides instruction how to complete the Individual Subcontracting SR (previously SF294) and the SSR (previously SF295) for contract reporting of progress toward meeting subcontracting goals for the Department of Defense and requirements for NASA. Typical reporting practices for commercial entities will be described. Instruction on how to track internal statistics is provided in this course. 

Sourcing Strategies
This course describes the various sourcing strategies available to the Supplier Diversity Professional. Successful completion of this course will provide the student with a template for developing a business case for Supplier Diversity and will describe methods for including diverse suppliers in their procurement plans.

Certification Exam
There is one certification exam which encompasses the information contained within the six ASDP courses. Although completion of the courses is not required in order to be eligible to take the certification exam, completion the courseware is highly recommended.

Certification Levels and Prerequisites
ASDP currently offers one level of certification: Certified Supplier Diversity Professional (CSDP).