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Certification Renewal
The ASDP certification is valid for three (3) years from the date of the exam, after which the certification must be renewed.

Certification Renewal
Certification must be renewed every three (3) years.  Requirements for renewal are as follows:

  1. Completion of three (3) of the following nine (9) activities:
  2. Email proof of the 3 choices below  to
a. Actively participate in ASDP training either as speaker or planner
b. Attend at least one (1) ASDP Annual Meeting during the previous three years (Other conferences where technical, administrative, and/or managerial applications on Supplier Diversity are discussed or demonstrated also fulfill this requirement)
c. Obtain 9 credits, CLC’s, or other continuing education units from a university, college, government, industry, or professional organization (e.g. ASDP, NCMA, DAU) for courses and/or seminars related to Supplier Diversity
d. Author and have published at least one (1) paper, thesis, or article on Supplier Diversity
e. Participate in community - or state-oriented Supplier Diversity activities
f.  Attend at least three (3) major Supplier Diversity related events.
g. Serve as ASDP Officer
h. Serve as ASDP Committee Member
i.  Be involved in Supplier Diversity activities through employment
j.  Successfully complete the current certification exam.

     3. Email Proof of the 3 choices above to
     4. Once documentation proof has been received and reviewed, you will be emailed
      with acceptance or denial through the ASDP Website. If accepted, you can select
      Renew Certification in the training tab drop-down list. The cost of the renewal is $185.00.


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